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Domus UK Limited

Launched in 2006 by parent company NCH Capital, Domus is a development company seeking opportunities in prime residential, PRS/build-to-rent, student accommodation, industrial, retail, care homes, leisure and emerging markets.

We are an intentionally compact team with a flat management structure that allows reactive fluid and fast decision making.

We have readily available funds and financial stability due to our backing by NCH Capital; a company that manages over $3.5 billion in assets.

All of our projects are 100% equity funded.

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  • NCH Capital

    Domus is wholly owned & backed by NCH Capitala New York-based multi-billion-dollar fund. The NCH family was founded by brothers in law George Rohr and Moris Tabacinic in 1993 and built success upon success in Russia & Eastern Europe, a sometimes difficult and complex market.  We were launched in 2006 to bring that ethos and passion to the market in the UK.

  • History

    • 1991 Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, George Rohr and Moris Tabacinic begin investing in its new markets.
    • 1993  NCH is founded and launches one of the first Western funds in the region; establishes a presence on the ground and makes its first investments.
    • 2006 Domus is launched to seek and develop investment opportunities in the UK.

  • Our approach

    We believe in a small company personal approach combined with the unbridled vision and capabilities that a secure financial backing and resources allows.

  • Our market

    We work in prime residential, PRS/build-to-rent, student accommodation, industrial, retail, care homes, leisure and emerging markets.
    We work on virtually any size of project, from substantial redevelopment/regeneration projects, to niche individual developments. We commit funds in the hundreds of millions of pounds, with the same passion at all levels.

What our clients say about us.

  • “It has been a pleasure working with Ian and his team at Domus. They take a refreshingly positive, proactive and progressive approach to development with clear ideas for maximising the development potential of their sites, always informed by the best possible professional advice. They make important decisions with clarity and alacrity to support the timely and effective delivery of projects with positive outcomes. Ian is highly supportive of the project team and drives the expected quality, efficiency and, ultimately, success of projects.”

    Seth Williams
    Planning Director, Tetra Tech
  • “We always enjoy working with the team at Domus and have acted for them on a variety of projects throughout the UK since 2010. They are an ambitious, forward-looking company that makes decisions quickly and is prepared to consider ‘frontier’ opportunities in locations and markets others will not. Always professional, they manage projects and professional teams efficiently and with a common-sense approach, yet maintaining a sense of humour throughout.”

    Philip Trueman
    Managing Director Hester, Architects