Land Acquisition

The core of our process.


We procure land through Specialist design expertise.

Finding land to develop is at the very core of our process.

We procure land via our site-finding team, through option agreements, promotion agreements, direct purchase and joint ventures. As with most opportunities, our preference is land without planning permission.

With specialist expertise and extensive market experience, we have developed strong relationships with our carefully chosen consultants, architects and interior designers.

Through our use of these resources, we can add considerable value to all our projects.

Working Together

The diverse range of skills held within our team, along with our adaptability, has been honed in multiple markets.

We work in industrial, retail, care homes, leisure and emerging markets. Our core ability is to unlock the potential of the land. The ability to see such potential is primary.

If you have land suitable for medium to large scale projects in such markets in the UK, please get in touch with our team and see the possibilities available.


  • Residential ᐁ

    The Domus team has a proven track record in purchasing and promoting residential land plots via option and direct purchase. We also routinely promote land.
    At the heart of successful residential schemes is the right location. Our search for sites with good investment potential utilises our highly experienced search team, in conjunction with our trusted property consultants, focusing on major towns/cities throughout the UK and Greater London.
    Should you have suitable land for projects of 20 units and above, please get in touch to discuss what we can do together.

  • PRS ᐁ

    At Domus UK Limited we are embarking on land searches specifically targeting this emerging market. Alongside specialist advisers and consultants, we are focusing on prime areas where the gearing ratio of land and rental price provides the financial landscape that fits our business model.
    We will consider geographic locations throughout mainland UK together with Belfast, Northern Ireland.
    Should you have suitable land for 100 units or more please get in touch. 

  • Student Sector ᐁ

    Domus has successfully procured and developed multiple student accommodation schemes.
    The right location and proximity to key learning facilities are fundamental to a successful scheme.
    Domus UK Limited has the specialist knowledge to quickly assess the viability of locations and the backing of an experienced professional design team familiar with the PBSA market.
    We will consider all geographic locations within the UK for projects of 150 bedrooms or above.
    Should you have any suitable land close to key universities and or colleges we would love you to get in touch. 

  • Other Markets ᐁ

    Domus UK Limited is always seeking opportunities in a diverse range of markets. Our team has a broad range of experience. As a consequence, a wide variety of conventional and unconventional opportunities are always considered.
    If you have land suitable for such projects in the UK please get in touch with our team to discuss the possibilities available.

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We’ll get in touch.