The Company

We are an innovative development company wholly owned & fully backed by NCH Capital Inc. 

We excel in creating value in land with intelligent acquisitions planning, design and development.


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Developments & Projects

Schemes range from comprehensive multi-use developments (£100+ million) to innovative singular projects. We operate throughout the UK and in a wide range of property sectors.

Land Acquisition

A variety of acquisition vehicles and structures are available to suit circumstances. Where possible we seek to work collaboratively with land owners and agents; establishing long standing relationships and maximising returns.

The Team

Domus is professional team with extensive and diverse market experience. Beyond the ‘vanilla’ we are able to create innovative deal structures and provide efficient and agile management to the planning, design and development process.

Our Ethos

The domus family believe in creating what is truly valuable, A sustainable future.
Every project is approached with this in mind.


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